We measure ourselves against an yearly yardstick through an introspection of our customers’ success stories, major product releases, and a look ahead to 2017.
2016 Year in Review
We measure ourselves against an annual yardstick through the introspection of our customers’ success stories, major product releases, and a look ahead to 2017.
Databricks Raises $60 Million in Series C Funding
We will continue to expand our data platform to make data science and engineering at scale with Apache Spark even easier and faster, and to integrate with other cloud providers to provide more flexibility for our fast-growing global customer base.
Integrating Apache Airflow and Databricks
Learn how you can integrate Databricks with the popular workflow management tool Airflow to build an ETL pipeline.
Introducing Apache Spark 2.1 - Now Available on Databricks
Released last week, Spark 2.1 makes measurable strides in the production readiness of Structured Streaming, with added support for event time watermarks and Apache Kafka 0.10 support.
Apache Spark Scala Library Development with Databricks
See an example of quickly prototyping a Databricks notebook to generate a Date Dimension for a data mart, and turning the code into a Scala library with unit tests and a release process.
Deep Learning on Databricks
Get started with deep learning on Apache Spark via a tutorial with helpful tips and resources, aimed at data scientists and engineers who need to run deep learning applications at scale.
Scalable Partition Handling for Cloud-Native Architecture in Apache Spark 2.1
Apache Spark 2.1 was released last week, and we provided an introduction to one of the most important features in this release: scalable partition handling.
Apache Spark MLlib 2.x:
Migrating ML Workloads to DataFrames
Apache Spark:
The Unified Engine for All Workloads featuring Ovum
Apache Spark News
Top 10 Apache Spark Blog Posts in 2016
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using Apache SparkR
Upcoming Apache Spark Events
Jan 7 - Apache Spark Istanbul Meetup: A Deep-dive into Structured Streaming / Predictive Analytics with SparkR - Istanbul, Turkey
Jan 10 - Apache Spark Meetup @ Workday, SF - San Francisco, CA
Jan 10 - San Diego Apache Spark and Big Data Meetup: Spark SQL – 10 things you need to know - San Diego, CA
Jan 18 - TensorFlow & TensorFrames with Apache Spark + A Deep-dive into Structured Streaming - Milan, Italy
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