You can instantly launch Apache Spark 2.0 clusters on the Databricks platform.
Apache® Spark™ 2.0 Generally Available on Databricks.
Databricks is the first vendor to offer support for Apache Spark 2.0. Learn how you can immediately benefit from Spark 2.0’s three core attributes via the Databricks platform.
From ESG Research:
The Value of a Just-in-time Data Platform Powered by Apache Spark
Read the research from ESG to learn how Databricks improves the ROI of Spark deployments.
On-demand webinar: Energy Analytics with Databricks at DNV GL
Learn how data scientists at one of the largest energy companies in the world are using Spark R on Databricks to better understand energy usage patterns with Apache Spark.
Spark Summit Europe 2016
A Tale of Three Apache Spark APIs: RDDs, DataFrames, and Datasets
DataFrames,Datasets, or RDDs? Learn why and when you should use each set of APIs in Spark 2.0.
Continuous Applications: Evolving Streaming in Apache Spark 2.0
Matei Zaharia describes the next evolution of streaming: Continuous applications - why it’s needed and how you can use it.
Structured Streaming in Apache Spark 2.0: A New High-level API for Streaming
Learn why writing streaming applications is challenging, read how Structured Streaming makes it easier, and try Databricks notebooks with new APIs.
Code 4 San Francisco Hack Nite Highlights
Over 100 data scientists gathered to analyze 16 years of San Francisco’s emergency call records through a hands-on workshop using Databricks. Learn the surprising insights they uncovered in this blog.
Databricks' Data Pipeline:
Journey and Lessons Learned
How Omega Point Helps Investors Optimize their Portfolios with Apache Spark on Databricks
Apache Spark News
Spark 2.0 - Datasets and Case Classes
Apache MLlib - Making Practical Machine Learning Easier and Scalable
Upcoming Apache Spark Events
AUG 11 - Apache Spark Meet-Up with Databricks and BCBSNC - Durham, NC
AUG 16 - Getting Hot and Cold with Spark and Big Data - San Diego, CA
AUG 25 - Meetup @ Salesforce - San Francisco, CA
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