An Agile Approach to Data Warehousing

Enterprises are coping with a wider variety of data at a larger scale, making it more difficult than ever to glean timely business insights resulting in delayed time-to-value.  

Powered by Apache® Spark™, Databricks provides a fast, simple, and scalable way to build a "just-in-time" data warehouse that eliminates the need to invest in costly ETL pipelines and scales on-demand, revolutionizing the way data teams analyze their data sets.

  • Scale storage and compute resources independently on-demand
  • Support both traditional ETL as well as directly access data to accelerate time-to-insight
  • Unify a variety of data sources with powerful data sources APIs and JDBC/ODBC connectors
  • Leverage advanced analytics capabilities to solve many different data problems from the same platform



Customer Success Story: Automatic Labs

"Databricks meets all our critical needs by speeding up our interactive analysis through a powerful big data platform that is also simple to use. Our data engineers and data scientists were instantly more productive once Databricks was up and running. Not only did the platform support real-time inteactive analysis with rich data visualization, it was also easy for them to learn, enabling our new pesronnel to quicly ramp up and contribute to the project with minimal down time."

— Rob Furgeson, Director of Engineering at Automatic Labs

Just-in-Time Data Warehousing Made Simple.

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