We've compiled a collection of videos, technical blogs, notebooks, webinar, podcasts, and news articles that focus on Apache Spark 2.0 pre-release version.
Preview Apache Spark 2.0
A collection of videos, technical blogs, notebooks, webinar, podcasts, and news articles that focus on open source Apache Spark 2.0 pre-release version.
InfoWorld: Databricks Tops Machine Learning Clouds
Databricks earned top marks from InfoWorld in a review of six machine learning clouds. Read the article to learn more.
New from Ovum: Advanced Analytics Needs a Just-In-Time Data Platform
Today's businesses need powerful and agile approaches to rapidly isolate signals from their data. Get the latest scoop from Ovum’s Principal Analyst Tony Baer.
Databricks to Launch First of Five Free Big Data Courses on Apache Spark
The hands-on Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will provide the foundation for writing Apache Spark applications. Learn how you can sign-up.
Sellpoints Develops Shopper Insights with Databricks
The data team at Sellpoints is responsible for creating user behavior models, producing analytical reports and visualizations. Read how they use Databricks to implement their ETL pipeline with Apache Spark.
Federal Computing Week: Building an Agile Government with Cloud-Based Analytics
From patent approvals to econometrics, government agencies rely on efficient data processing and analysis to carry out their duties. Learn three simple best practices to maximize benefits of Apache Spark and cloud.
Spark Saturday DC: A Meetup Summary
More than 275 Apache Spark enthusiasts attended the all-day inaugural Spark Saturday DC Meetup. Read the highlights from the meetup in this blog.
Deep Dive: Apache Spark Memory Management
Building an Apache Spark Powered ETL Pipeline at Yesware with Databricks
Apache Spark News
Genome Sequencing in a Nutshell
Spark with Tungsten Burns Brighter
What Spark's Structured Streaming really means
Upcoming Apache Spark Events
JUN 6 - Tensorflow on Apache Spark & Ask Me Anything - San Francisco, CA
JUN 6, 7, 8 - Spark Summit - San Francisco, CA
JUN 15 -Spark 2.0 Highlights from Spark Summit SF 2016 - Seattle, WA
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