See the full Spark Summit 2016 agenda. Coming to SF this June.
Airbnb, Bloomberg, Databricks, Netflix, Uber, and many more innovative companies have been confirmed to speak at Spark Summit in San Francisco this June. See the full agenda of over 90 sessions now.
E-Book: Apache Spark Analytics Made Simple
A collection of technical tutorials, implementation, and performance tips from the Databricks blog, written by the Spark Committers and Databricks engineering team. Download this definitive resource.
Announcing Databricks APIs
These RESTful APIs allow users to run production Jobs via the command line or continuous integration tools such as Jenkins. Read the blog to learn more.
Business Insider: Databricks Wants to Help You Get Paid More
Study after study shows that one of the best jobs in tech these days is the "data scientist." Julie Bort from Business Insider interviewed our CEO and writes about how Databricks plans to make it easier for you to get started with data science.
Agile Spark Application Development with Databricks
Using Databricks APIs, Metacog automated their entire test and release environment, allowing them to release their product 2x faster. Get the details from the case study.
BLOG: On-Time Flight Performance with GraphFrames for Apache Spark
Graph structures can easily solve many data problems. Read this blog to see how the newly-released GraphFrames library can help you figure out which flights are frequently delayed.
GraphFrames - DataFrame-Based Graphs for Apache Spark
Not Your Father’s Database: How to Use Apache Spark Properly in Your Big Data Architecture
Spark News
Introducing GraphFrames
Spark Trending in the Stack Overflow Survey
How to Process IoT Device JSON Data Using Spark Datasets and DataFrames
Upcoming Spark Events
APR 6 - Using Apache Spark for Mastering Customer Data - New York, NY
APR 20 - GraphFrames, Survival Analysis, and SnappyData + Spark - Bellevue, WA
APR 20 - ETL to ML: Use Apache Spark as an end to end tool for Advanced Analytics - Minnetonka, MN
APR 30 - Spark Saturday DC - McLean, VA
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